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We believe in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship between agriculture and manufacturing. We source discarded bio
Our Company

We offer a secure certified supply chain from world class processing facilities, our own ship loading facilities, as well as long-term supply agreements in South Africa, the worlds largest producer of Macadamia Nuts. Alongside careful stewardship of our existing activities and assets, we are continually exploring new sources, products, markets and sectors to support our long-term strategic vision: combining innovation and business sense to become a global supply leader in the Biobased Economy.


With a globally increasing demand for sustainable and clean alternative raw materials, we focus on the supply chain, certification, phytosanitary and quality requirements of bringing the Shells from source to process. We manage long term supply chains from sourcing and certification to terminal management and shipping. 


Sproutabout believes in developing and managing supply chains that provide positive environmental and social economic benefits to the surrounding region. Sproutabout is a unique entrepreneur with an innovative approach to bring business to fruition by analyzing the needs of the clients and matching them with the most balanced and efficient delivery structure.

Environmental Recognition

In recognition of the growing global challenges from climate change and significant pressures on natural resources tries to address these challenges and we are proud to play a small part towards the safeguarding of this planet of ours for future generations. With that goal in sight we work together with multiple partners to identify, develop, structure, invest in and implement supply chains that deliver social and environmental benefits as well as security of supply to our customers.

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