Biochar is the result of burning macadamia shells at a high temperature in a special, low-oxygen environment. The resulting product called biochar, has to pass certain tests to confirm its carbon content and safety. It’s then used as a soil enhancer to both make soils more fertile and to store carbon in the soil so it’s not released as a greenhouse gas

 Carbon filters

Activated charcoal made from macadamia shells is also used to make carbon filters for water and air purification. Such filters have both domestic and industrial applications so you might even have one in your home somewhere!

Renewable energy

The process of making biochar can actually produce electricity! The biochar process creates oil and gas by-products that can be used as fuel for renewable energy plants. If the biochar is used to enhance soils and the process used to make it can produce renewable energy, this system is “carbon negative” and is an important weapon to limit climate change.

Eco-friendly building materials

Numerous eco-friendly building materials have emerged in the marketplace to reduce the environmental impact of building construction and operations. Sustainable construction also takes into consideration a material’s appropriateness for the climate in which it is used. We supply Macadamia Nut shells in  building materials for project developers.

Industrial nano-powders

The same properties that make macadamia shells such good biochar also suits them for making into high purity silicon carbide and silicon nitride nano-powders. These nano-compounds are used to make metal alloys and plastics more shock, heat and wear resistant. They may also have uses in electronics in the future.

Particle board

Particle board is notorious for absorbing moisture. But not if it’s made from macadamias! At the University of NSW researchers have made particle board from macadamia shells that is particularly suitable for high-moisture environments like kitchens, bathrooms and pool decks. They suggest that it might even be good for saunas because it smells so good!

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