Certification & Quality

Sproutabout's sustainable sourcing standard for its Macadamia Nuts shells ensure that existing and new sources of clean alternative raw materials  do not result in environmental or social harm where we source material. We are only sourcing certified sustainable materials.

Standard Rules for Macadamia Shells

The shells originate only from independently verifiable, certified sustainable sources e.g. FSC, PEFC or equivalent licensed in the country of origin as legal and sustainable

Environmental considerations

  • Protection of habitat loss and biodiversity

  • Protection of local environment (soil and water protection, agrochemicals)

  • Reducing overall emissions of greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuel alternatives

Social considerations

  • Avoiding unacceptable competition for food

  • Promoting positive local economic effects

  • Avoid unacceptable labour and indigenous people rights violations (consistent with Circular Investment’s Supplier Code)

  • We will achieve this through sourcing clean alternative shells only from legal and sustainable origins.

  • Our quality standards apply to clean alternative raw materials sourced from our supply chain, typically to generate heat and power, fertilizer and activated carbon.

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